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Consistency. That is what the business game is all about. And, that is why at Studio Madfish, we have professionals that can keep your theme consistent throughout your entire business package. From, of course, your website to logos to business cards and stationary, we can help brand your business and keep you one step ahead of your competition. Check out some of our samples below and when you are ready to get in focus, let us know


Don't believe us?  Check it out...and remember - all you have to do is click on the thumbnails to see the full project detail!



NZMMA | Palmerston North, New Zealand



"HiiiiiYAH"  These guys rock - not only can they kick ass, they do!  So, their brand needed to follow suit.  We built their logo, some sweet fighters for marketing and their web banner plus a hand drawn picture of the owner, Nyra, working on the site.  Yep, our work for these guys is "bling-tastic".


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NZ Midwifery Recruitment | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Hmm...what does perfectly with babies and New Zealand?  A we hand drew this creation which tells "the story" perfectly.  After getting the logo sorted, we finished off the project with custom business cards and letterhead.  The total package, we know.  Up for a date?


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Community Services Council | Palmerston North, New Zealand



"Can we get an update please?"  That's the gist of the inital telephone conversation we had with Corrina at PNCSC.  One thing lead to another and not only did we do the brand update for Palmerston North Community council Services, but we built a killer, CMS site that allows member groups to log-in and update their own webpage.  Yep, sweet, we know.




Next Design | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Globes, spinning things and a custom font - that's what we did for Next!  Add some custom, embossed business cards, and Next is "up-to-snuff".  Greg came to Studio Madfish to stand out...not only do his business cards "stand out", but his website with its incredible gallery zoom feature pass with flying colours!





Linton Camp School | Linton, New Zealand



Linton Camp School had an existing logo that incorporated their Maori heritage but lacked that certain "bling" that logos should have.  We took their existing brand, added our "world famous" touch and out popped one of our favourite brands we have done.  All "pimped" up for the school kids to enjoy...complete with an animated jet!  Take a look.




C21 Learning | Christchurch, New Zealand



Think back to your school days and those long science classes, listening to Professor MUNDANE.  Now, fast forward to the 21st Century.  Smart boards, excellent teachers and lots and LOTS of colour!  This is what C21 Learning is all about and we have captured the true essence of new age learning complete with some seriously wicked graphics.