Studio Madfish



Ever been to a nice site where you want to purchase something and when you click on the "Shop" button, you are directed to a site that looks nothing like the site you were just on? Ever wonder why? Check it -


When other companies (and we won't mention names) build shopping carts, they use FREE templates found online. Don't believe us - click here and have a look. They then try to customize these carts as best they can, adding your logo to the top left corner and making sure your colours are consistent throughout the rest of the site. What they fail to do is keep you looking like you. It's like making sure your bra and knickers match, and in our case, our boxers and singlets!


This is where we come in. When a client comes to us and tells us they want to sell online but have talked to other companies (again, we won't mention any names - they know who they are) and they have asked for their first born for payment, we literally laugh out loud! Seriously - why can't you, the small mum and pop shop on the corner of The Square, sell online? Why should cost affect the way you want to do business? IT SHOULDN'T


Our carts are built around your site. In other words, our design team creates a stunning, one of a kind website THEN we build your shopping cart within the new design of your website. So, when your customers come to shop, they shop on your site, not some free, semi-custom shopping cart that your "other" designer downloaded off the Internet.


When you are ready to take your website to the next level at a cost that literally you will laugh at, call us on 0800 MADFISH or shoot us an e-mail