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Yep, that's right - 4 countries and counting! And, with over 100 clients in those 4 countries, we truly are your "local" but global company! From the "Tube" in London to the beautiful shores of New Zealand, our clients span the globe! Can you say "jetsetter"? Or better yet, "World Famous in New Zealand!"


Check out what our clients are saying about the studio.  It's our 15 minutes of fame...




Our newest VIPs!


Manawatu Jets NBL Team

Manawatu, New Zealand



Flying high and creaming the competition is the new motto of the McDonald's Manawatu Jets this season.  So with the new motto came a new website, full integrated with our CMS, RSS feeds and some pretty cool add-ons.  Need a desktop wallpaper?  Want some t-shirts?  Well, it's all there!  We are absolutely chuffed to be a sponsor of the Jets this season.  Make us proud boys!


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The Homestead Bar

Masterton, New Zealand



From the Wairarapa Idol to the annual Pig Hunt, The Homestead Bar not only serves up some cheap drinks, it also has some of the best entertainment in "Master-tron!"  If you are ever in the Wairarapa and need a spot to chill out and have a cold one, stop in - the staff at The Homestead are great and the atmosphere is one of a kind!



Graphics HQ

Palmerston North, New Zealand



Graphics HQ is a small, local Palmy business that has some BIG TIME experience, expertise and knowledge in the signage and general graphics area.  So, when they approached the gang at SM, we didn't hesitate to say YES.  The team at Graphics HQ wanted full control so we hooked the up with our CMS product and we did some pretty custom stuff too!



Alison Bendall Blog

Eketehuna, New Zealand



What's a better way of keeping the family schedule in check than a blog!  When Alison's daughter approached us to build a website for her mother so they could keep track of family visits, we said "SURE, but let's make it a bit easier and cheaper for everyone!  By adding a meeting calendar on the front page and some snazzy graphics, everyone is up for a smile with this project!



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Palmerston North Community Services Council

Palmerston North, New Zealand



86 websites in one - and still counting!  PNCSC, a division of Palmerston North City Council, needed two things.  One, they needed a state of the art website and two, they needed their member groups to have an online presence as well.  So, with a little magic, we created a fantastic new site as well as sub-sites for their VIPs.  The best thing is, everyone can update everything!




Argyle Rally Sport Racing | Palmerston North, New Zealand



VROOM, VROOM  First off, check out the bonnet of their race car.  Yep, that's OUR logo!  We created a fully editable website for Geof and Phillip so fans can keep track of their racing and trophies!  Our CMS product, Catch and Release, was included so the guys could update their site from the track without missing a beat!  It's what we like to call "Eye Candy"




McKee Plastics | Feilding & Hamilton, New Zealand



The iconic rubbish bin.  The rural mailbox.  McKee has those covered and then some.  Since most everyone in New Zealand has used one of their products (ever stop in Taupo to check out the lake and popped some rubbish in the bin?), we needed to come up with a site that blew their minds.  And we did, CMS included too!





Farmworks Precision Farming | Feilding, New Zealand



Farming's not in our blood but we sure love to create killer websites for our farming clients!  It was time for Farmworks to get a much needed makeover.  Our team came up with a killer design that added created quite the buzz at the studio and Farmworks!  It's sexy, powerful and very professional.  Everything Farmworks encompasses.




Spectra Hair | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Ahhh...what more can we say.  Spectra called early 2009 and were in a bind.  They needed a new "idea", something that would rock online.  But there was a kicker.  Not only did they want something custom, but they wanted to be able to manage it themselves.  We did that and then some!





Central Park Restaurant | Pasadena, California, USA



Central Park, located next to the Central Park in Pasadena, California, is everything you want in a restaurant - great food, awesome atmosphere and a dash of nostalgia.  We have incorporated our class, added some of our SM flare and garnished it with some parsley! The site is almost as good as their Flat Iron Steak...hey, we said ALMOST





Linton Camp School | Linton, New Zealand



Beginning from the ground up, we re-defined Linton's brand, added some of our "flashest" Flash and then wrapped a custom website around it all to the delight of everyone at Linton Camp!  And, if we must say so ourselves, this turned out to be one good looking website.





NZ Midwifery Recruitment Service | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Kids - we just love them!  So when Kerry-Lee approached us with her new business idea, we jumped for joy!  First, we created a killer, one of a kind brand for NZMRS.  Then, we wrapped a slick design around the brand, and came up with a fresh, uniquely New Zealand website.  Complete with SM Flip, our online magazine software, NZMRS is ready for the web...


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Ink Tattoo | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Need a tat?  Well, this is the premier tattoo studio in Palmerston North and Noel and Denise are some of the nicest folks you could meet.  With a brand in hand, they approached us for their website needs.  So, we brainstormed, came up with a design that rocks and added a killer zoom in functionality to their gallery pages.  Now, all we need to do is get "Ink'd" up ourselves...




Next Design | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Globes, spinning things and a custom font - that's what we did for Next!  Add some custom, embossed business cards, and Next is "up-to-snuff".  Greg came to Studio Madfish to stand out...not only do his business cards "stand out", but his website with its incredible gallery zoom feature pass with flying colours!





Shakers Restaurant | Glendale & South Pasadena, California, USA



No, not one of the best breakfast places in town - THE BEST  This legendary restaurant started way back in 1971 and has grown into a killer spot in California! So, if you are in Pasadena or Glendale, stop in! We promise the website is just as good as their world famous Shaker Delight Cheeseburger...mate, you can't get your mouth around it!




Personage | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Take a nice leisurely stroll down Coleman Place and bump into Steph and her friendly staff at Personage.  Or, sip a latte in your "jammies" and browse their website - totally up to you!  It doesn't matter how you visit Personage, make sure and visit.  It's a great shop, even a bit posh if we can say so ourselves!





C21 Learning | Christchurch, New Zealand



Think back to your school days and those long science classes, listening to Professor MUNDANE.  Now, fast forward to the 21st Century.  Smart boards, excellent teachers and lots and LOTS of colour!  This is what C21 Learning is all about and we have captured the true essence of new age learning complete with some seriously wicked graphics.




PYXIS Consulting | Marton, New Zealand



Business consulting - it's what they do.  Web design and CMS sites - it's what we do!  Mix the two of us together and you get a fresh, updated look for PYXIS and the best part is, they get the keys!  On our Catch & Relase CMS solution, PYXIS has complete control over their site.






Hearts & Homes | Palmerston North, New Zealand



Hearts & Homes is a great fund raising event for our local hospice here in the Manawatu.  We designed, coded and donated this site to the hospice.  Not only does it showcase the Hearts & Homes ideology, it allows customers to purchast tickets to this worth event.  Have a look - it's sweet!





We could go on and on and we WILL  Use the links below to check out more of our work...