Studio Madfish



Yep, we can cook too!  Watch out Gordon Ramsay...


Madfish Shank

A delicious lamb shank cooked in red wine and rosemary, compliments of Rachel, our Resident Model!



Serves 2


(1) clove of garlic

(1) onion

(1) cup of red wine

(1) wine glass

(2) lamb shanks

(2) cubes of beef stock

(2) tablespoons of tomato paste

(1) large carrot, peeled and diced

(4) tablespoons of oil

(1) sprig of rosemary

(1) tablespoon of thyme




Pre-heat the over to 180 degrees C.  Place the oil in a fry pan and heat.  Once the oil is hot, chuck in your lamb shanks and brown.  This will seal in the juices of the shank and give you a fantastic outer taste.  When brown, remove the lamb shanks and place them into a casserole dish.  Now, cook the onions, carrots and garlic in the heated oil.  When cooked, add to your casserole dish.


Open your bottle of red wine and pour one cup into the casserole dish and pour yourself a glass.  Enjoy.  Chuck in the rest of the ingredients, baste your lamb shanks with the juices in the dish, cover and cook for 2 hours, or until done.


Pace yourself with the wine - you will need 2 glasses to enjoy with the lamb.



Chai Tea


This recipe is a yummy chai tea blend which tastes like the Oregon Chai drink sold in US supermarkets.  For those that don't know Oregon Chai, you are in for a treat!



Serves 4


(4) 1 1/2 in. slices fresh ginger (use vegetable peeler)

(1) 2 in. cinnamon stick

(4) whole cloves

(1) heaping demitasse spoon of powdered cardamom

(1) 6 inch vanilla bean (cut up into 1 inch pieces)

(1) dash nutmeg

(1) heaping tablespoon of sugar

(1/4) cup honey

(3) Bigelow Darjeeling Blend tea bags

(2) cups of water

(2) cups of milk




Bring 2 cups of water to a boil and toss in teabags then all other ingredients in order. Reduce heat and simmer about 5 minutes stirring occasionally. Add milk and bring to boil, then take off heat. Strain through strainer or coffee filters and serve hot or in a tall glass filled with ice.


Refrigerate unused portion. To reheat, you may either heat any conventional way, or froth with cappuccino maker!