Studio Madfish



There is no Mr. Studio or Ms. Madfish.  We are simply a small but hardcore design, theory and branding collective not named after our founder or "money people".  Our approach and attitude reflects the desire and passion we have for everything we do here at Studio Madfish.  We are Studio Madfish and we are here to provide our expertise in an ever changing online world.


Our designs are upbeat and conceived at a strategic level, taking into account the rich seam of new media and software channels.


All Studio Madfish websites take into effect what you want and transform your ideas to gain customers. We are here to provide our expertise in the online world and to show you why being online isn't an idea but a valid reality.


Formed in November of 2001, Studio Madfish's goal is to provide businesses the unique opportunity to brand themselves in a way not equal to anyone. We pride ourselves on outstanding service, exceptional design theories and an energy not seen by our competitors.


Our world famous headquarters are located in Palmerston North, New Zealand, the Center of the World as we refer to it!  Our clients are here, there and everywhere and with 4 countries checked off our "client map", we are stoked to be building world class websites for our clients that truly span the globe!


You ready to make the leap?  Go on - give us a try.  Hey, if you don't like us, you don't have to do business with us, now do you?  Get in touch by e-mailing or calling...just get in touch